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About Us
States Engineering has been designing, building, installing and servicing Foundry Equipment for over 60 years.
Our products range from the most simple steel fabrication to complex automated transfer lines for heavy industries.
We offer a complete line of Foundry Equipment, both standard and custom for Sand Processing and Product Handling to suit many applications.  We also provide Custom Designed and Built Material Handling and Process Equipment to suit the needs of many manufacturing companies.
Ringmullor with Feeder Belt
States Engineering's products include the Ringmullors with Moisture Control Systems, Rotary Screens, Brush Aerators, Trenchveyors, Storage Bins, Flask Fillers, Feeder Bins, and Buckets Elevators.  We also provide complete Systems Controls, Overhead Prepared Sand Distribution Systems, Shakeouts of various types and capacities, Mold-Handling Conveyor Lines, No-Choke Molder Hoppers and Storage Bins for new and shakeout sand.
Advantages of States Engineering:
Our complete versatility to design and build any type of special machinery gives us access to a broad base of industries. 
Our facility allows us to fabricate, assemble, and develop all equipment and systems in-house.  Run-off for customer and training of their operating and maintenance personnel.  This assures and efficient installation and start up at their plant.  This "turnkey" capability is being demaneded more and more by all customers.
Mold Handling Line
Repeat business from existing customers, has a much better than average closing rate due to the complexity of the projects we provide and the personal confidence that is established between their engineers and our personnel.  This close working relationship throughout the project provides a future comfort level with the customer that gives us a sales edge.